As promised, we continue to monitor which are the best performing slot games and which are winners among suppliers. After we have announced which ones are leading for 2018 it is time to look at the ranking for the past 2019.

IG Tracker has tracked and collected information from more than 660 sites from 45 countries. Only the “main page” of the casinos is taken into account and the top 50 most prominent positions on those pages.

Looking back to the data for 2018, we notice that the undisputed leader remains to be Starburst by NetEnt. There is no change at the second spot on which we can find Book of Dead by Play’n Go. The Megaways slot game Bonanza by Big Time Gaming has made it to the top 3, followed by Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt.

An interesting trend is that some games like Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play and Extra Chilli by Big Time Gaming are making a drastic leap to the top positions, while others like Rainbow Riches by SGDigital are moving significantly behind their positions in 2018.

Let’s see which slot games have made it to the top 20 for the past year of 2019, according to the data collected by IG Tracker.


Stay tuned with Casino Bandida, because we keep tracking the best slot games on the market and we will keep sharing what games we recommend you playing in casinos online.